RPO Solutions

Recruitment Outsourcing Process (RPO)

Save 50% Of Your Annual Recruitment Costs

How do our RPO pricing models work?

EliteCyber’s Recruitment Outsourcing Process (RPO) has three basic models:

1. Fee per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the

2. Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and cost of
recruiters allocated to your business

3. Combined management fee, plus reduced placement fee

How will an RPO solution benefit my company?

• Quality of Hire: EliteCyber RPO has professional processes and assessment tools that ensure the optimal fit between the role, candidate and organizational culture.

We start by creating a comprehensive job and person brief, we find talent from a wide range of sources (internal employees, employee referrals, internet, job boards, networks etc.), and we conduct behavioural interviews and reference checks to assess candidate fit and make the offer on behalf of the client. We also pride ourselves on the quality of hires we place through offering extended guarantee periods for the period of the placement. This means if the person leaves within this period, we will replace them free of charge.

• Scalability and Flexibility: This refers to our ability to increase or decrease the number of recruiters we deploy to a client depending on their recruitment volumes. As the recruitment volumes increase, we grow the number of recruiters deployed. As the recruitment volumes decrease, we deploy the recruiters to other solutions we manage, thereby reducing the cost for the client.

• Reduced Time-to-Hire: Measured from the date we receive the new role to the time when a candidate accepts a job offer. Typically, we can  the time it takes to recruit a new hire by 50% and in hiring great people faster it will substantially enhance your productivity.

• Cost Reduction: The amount of cost reduction will depend on what recruitment model the client has used in the past and what type of new model they are implementing. If a client has solely relied on recruitment agencies in the past to fill all roles, then cost savings can be in the 30-50% range on a cost-per-hire basis.

• More transparency around recruitment: ELITECYBER RPO will ensure the right technology and processes are deployed to provide the organization with highly comprehensive reporting on total recruitment activity, making it far easier and more succinct process to understand the stages of recruitment processes, what is effective, and how we can improve.

What Our Clients Say

EliteCyber is our go-to recruitment partner in France for our cybersecurity division. 

THALES - HR Director, France

With EliteCyber, I benefited from a pragmatic and qualitative help to fill complex roles in my organisation. Far from the fluff of many agencies, EliteCyber provides a professional and friendly approach to difficult and niche searches.

Global Technical Recruiter - Paris

Elitecyber supports us in our quest for new cybersecurity talent. Their dynamic team and personalised approach ensure that we can efficiently service our clients within the ever changing economic and digital transformation space.


As head of IT recruitment for the group, I have benefited from the services of EliteCyber when looking for niche skills in an extremely competitive market.

We are very satisfied with the professionalism, advice, and guidance relating to cybersecurity positions given throughout the process by our dedicated EliteCyber consultant.

HR Manager - Schneider France

We were able to call on a proactive and very willing team to help in our search for a cybersecurity expert. EliteCyber are a true business partner, helping us to find the perfect fit for our organisation.

Head of Recruitment - Total