Posted 13 Jan. 2020

Rennes confirms its place in cybersecurity

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By Laurent Halimi

The sector of civil and military cybersecurity is gaining more and more weight in the Rennes metropolis. It now accounts for 3,400 direct jobs, most of them in private companies.

 In Rennes, the ecosystem of cybersecurity is being structured and already accounts for 3,400 direct jobs, three quarters in the private sector and one quarter in the military sector. According to a study by Audiar, the planning and Development Agency of the Rennes agglomeration, published in November, this ecosystem is "growing very strongly", by more than 20% per year for two years.

The challenge of training

The territory has a establishment of military centres of excellence (DGA, information literacy, ComCyber, command of cyber defence, Comsic-ETRS, School of signalling), the presence of economic actors as a major Orange Cyberdefense, Thales, and Airbus CyberSecurity and a fabric of a dozen startups that builds on these two pillars. From Altran Technologies (276 jobs) to Secure-IC (23 jobs) and Woleet (10 jobs), 70 companies account for a total of 2,600 jobs, plus 800 public jobs.

"Within five years, the armies will double their cyber strength in Rennes, with 1,600 people," says Audiar.

In this sector, which is facing a shortage of experts, academic training and research play a key role. Currently, 200 students are in training in the Rennes Basin, which also has 150 specialized researchers and very connected to the industrial world. Between 2006 and 2019, 41 patents were filed by companies such as Acklio, Cailabs or Orange. Under ten years, 580 students will be leaving schools, including CyberSchool, which will be open for the 2020 school year. Taken in a broad sense, cybersecurity is taught to a thousand students.