Posted 5 Dez. 2019

Masters. The three streams that are promising in terms of recruitment

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By Laurent Halimi

These sectors that will transform everything in companies and whose recruiters love

The students attack them, the companies watch them ... zoom in on the new queens disciplines. These industries that will transform everything

There are modes that are not, because they are based on real needs. In this period of transformation (digital, ecological, managerial), companies are competing to hire young people who will be able to accompany them to the world of tomorrow.

1. Cyber Security

For large companies, this is a crucial issue. "All our partners are waiting for us on this subject", confirms the head of the Cybersecurity Department of Efrei Paris, School of computer engineers. His two-year master's degree trains 80 students a year. But this is not enough to meet the needs of experts in this field. Ministry of Defense, DGSE, groups like Airbus or Thales ... students are courted and demand grows year after year. "A cyber attack can come from anywhere, from hardware to networks, targeting a large company or one of its many service providers, which must also be protected," says the master. He also points out that " cybersecurity is difficult to relocate or even outsource, you have to master the process from end to end."

2. Sustainable development

The ecological transition translates into jobs, real jobs. Designers are no exception to this trend, as Dominique Beccaria, Director General of the Condé School, explains: "a designer is there to anticipate the future. Our students need to learn to think about sustainability. "Reinventing processes, using biomaterials and biotechnology, rethinking the use of objects-these are new skills. "Companies are aware of the need to evolve. Many of them are taking action by opening dedicated posts, " notes Dominique Beccaria.
Opened in Bordeaux and Nice in a first time, the master alternates periods of courses and internships, for a training well anchored in the real.

3. CSR (corporate social Responsibility)

Another key topic is CSR. A theme that has been worked on for a long time at Montpellier Business School (MBS), but it is "the very example of a subject that always remains a challenge," explains Cédrine Joly, director of the grande école program. Last year, MBS launched a specialization entitled Sustainable HR and Diversity Management, led by Véronique Flavigny, head of training policy at Air France. In the program, modules led by professionals, exchanges of good practices... " diversity in particular is a growing subject. Companies see their interest and the potential for innovation that it brings", stresses Véronique Flavigny.
An HR manager with a detailed knowledge of these issues will have a valuable advantage in the company of tomorrow.