Posted 10 Dez. 2019

Lyon Raises Citizens' Awareness of Cybersecurity

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By Laurent Halimi

At the initiative of the City of Lyon, in partnership with the National Higer Police School (ENSP) of Sain-Cyr-au Mont d'Or, a conference was held recently in the Grand Salons of the City Hall of Lyon on the theme of cybersecurity. Nearly 350 people gathered.

The program presents the possibility for a public individual who has little knowledge of the mysteries of virtuality to be able to meet experts in cyber crime, knowledge of how to deal with it, the risks under taken and the ways to protect themselves from it with the appropriate tools.

The director of the NPHS explained that one cannot talk about the challenges of cyber security without talking about cyber crime, a recent form of crime. Honorary Police Commander Eric Jaillet of the DST, then DGSI (Directorate General of Homeland Security, e.g. DCRI) first defined the latter as the result of infringements committed on or by means of computers systems, usually connected to a network. A priority for the Ministry of Interior, which lists more than 40.