Posted 11 Dez. 2019

Cybersecurity skills in bancassurance

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By Laurent Halimi

With the massive announcement of banking and insurance services, data security is essential for the development of the business. A bargain to any computer security expert. By Amandine Ascensio.

In bancassurance, the time is for announcement. This is an opportunity not only for customers but also for fraudsters. Because today banking exchanges take place on Smartphones and the collection of personal data becomes a major issue. As a result, cybersecurity is a major concern for the banking and insurance sector.


High level technicians

And to provide a safe service, we need to hire specialists. These are high-level technicians. "Working in cybersecurity requires knowledge of either development security techniques or being a network expert," says Ludovic de Carcouët, head of the cybersecurity consulting firm Digitemis. In other words, we either master computer languages to code and secure applications and other web sites, or we know how to spot faults in operating systems and install firewalls in the right places.


Know safety management

Another skill to be emphasized is the mastery of security governance, that is, knowledge of the processes of responding to incidents. Safety management methods must be introduced in the workplace. This makes it possible to overcome the human factor, "the first element exploited by hackers", according to a study by the firm Xerfi. With the emergence of solutions such as Dynamic Encryption or biometrics authentication, the cybersecurity expert will also need to keep abreast of regulatory developments and new technologies in the near future. "The specialization comes at the end of the curriculum for engineers, but we can also get recruited at Bac +2, after an alternance training," says Laurent Halimi, CEO of recruitment firm Elitecyber group, specialized in cybersecurity recruitment and European leader in this field. In this promising job market, professional development is fast : in 4 or 5 years you can raise your salary from € 35,000 gross per year for a junior to € 60,000 ".